EVENT FORMAT: The SSS will feature 2 different formats, a Championship for all teams playing to a final in the 2011-2017 age groups and a showcase format consisting of 3 games only for 2005/06-2010.

CHECK-IN: All teams will report directly to the field, there is no formal HQ check in procedure prior to the game and the tournament will be paperless for COVID purposes. Referees will perform an equipment check prior to each game. Team Managers MUST ALWAYS have on their person an accurate printed roster, medical waivers, and a player card for each player. ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE A PLAYER CARDS ON HAND FOR EACH GAME. Tournament officials may ask at any time to check the documentation of a team, player or staff member.

If at any time a team cannot provide documentation upon request, they will immediately forfeit all games and be removed from the event. 

GAME DAY PROCEDURE: The tournament will take care of all score reporting and match reports. Kick back, relax and enjoy watching the kids play!

REFUNDS: No refunds will be permitted after team has been accepted into event. In the event, there is a catastrophic event where the SSS deems the tournament unplayable, which then leads to a full cancellation of the tournament prior to the start of the tournament, or during the tournament, SSS may issue a refund at its sole discretion. The refund that may be issued would be in the form of full or partial reimbursement of the tournament registration fee, or as a credit towards another SSS or LA Surf tournament. The tournament director will notify the team’s administrator on how a refund, if any, will be processed.

GUEST PLAYERS: Teams may use an unlimited amount of guest players but any team utilizing guest players is still limited to the stated maximum roster size.


            7v7 Divisions – Build-out line enforced; NO Heading or Punting is allowed.

            9v9 Divisions – Build-out line in NOT enforced; Heading and Punting is allowed.

MATCH RULES: Games shall be played by FIFA Rules, as modified by USYSA, CalSouth, and the tournament. All decisions, judgments and rulings of the tournament referees and officials are final. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ENTERTAINED OR ALLOWED. Only a registered team official/coach may represent a team during any official proceeding.


2013 – 2017   – 25-minute halves

2009 – 2012   – 35-minute halves

2005/06 – 2008 – 40-minute halves

All games will be called not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game regardless of the amount of time played in each half up to that point. A game is “complete” upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half with final results based on the score at the time the game is called. Games can end in a tie.

Championship games will be the same game length as preliminary matches for that age group. Matches that are tied at the end of regulation will not have overtime periods added. Winners will be determined by FIFA kicks from the mark.

A five (5) minute grace period is allowed for the scheduled starting time of the game. In the event both teams are more than five (5) minutes late for the game, both teams will be deemed to have forfeited the game.

Seven (7) players constitute a team ready to play. Five (5) players for U7 – U9.

HALF TIME: Half times will be exactly ten (10) minutes.

PLAYERS EQUIPMENT: It will be within the game Referee’s discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment including the wearing of a hard brace.


2015-2017     will play 7v7 – Maximum roster is 14 players.

2013-2014     will play 9v9 – Maximum roster is 18 players.

2011-2012     will play 11v11 – Maximum roster is 18 players.

2005/06-2010 will play 11v11 – Maximum roster is 22 players.

SCORING: Preliminary games and those divisions utilizing a round-robin format will be scored as follows:


  1. Three (3) points for a win; one (1) point for a tie; zero (0) points for a loss.
  2. Should any team fail to field the minimum number of players for a match during preliminary game play; then ALL preliminary games played by that team will be considered 1-0 forfeits and all opposing teams will thus be awarded three (3) points.

TIE BREAKERS: In the event there is a tie in points after the completion of preliminary games or round robin play, the following methods will be used to break the tie in the order listed:

  1. Head-to-head competition
  2. Goals Against (Capped at 3)
  3. Most Wins
  4. Most Shutouts
  5. Goal Differential (+3 goals difference will be the maximum counted per game)
  6. Fewest Red or Yellow Cards
  7. FIFA penalty kicks (1 hour before the next game)

SUBSTITUTIONS: Free substitutions will be allowed in all age groups. However, teams may only substitute when the referee grants them permission and only at the following times: any dead ball for either team or half time.

COACHING: All Coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, guests, friends, and spectators always. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided:

  • The tone of the voice is instructive and not derogatory.
  • Each coach or substitute remains within 10 yards on either side of the halfway line.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity or incites, in any manner, disruptive behavior.

AWARDS for 2011-2017: Champions and Finalists will be awarded with medals for the team. The Champions Coach will receive a Champions Team trophy.

HOME TEAM: The HOME team is listed first on the schedule, provides game ball, and shall have initial kick off. Teams will sit on the same side of the fields, with spectators opposite. The home team shall select which bench they will sit on. The home team will change uniforms in case of a color conflict, as determined by the center referee.

DISCIPLINE: Any player or coach who is sent off (red card or ejection) will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled match and may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament by the tournament officials. Red cards issued for violent conduct, ex. Fighting, will be grounds for expulsion from the remainder of the tournament and will be reported to the appropriate State Soccer Association. The player ID cards will be pulled for all red cards issued for violent conduct or referee abuse and submitted to CalSouth (tournament sanctioning organization). During game suspension(s) for coaches, there can be NO contact between the team and the coach during the game and the coach must be out of sight and sound of the field. Additionally, the coach must not be involved in unacceptable conduct (defined as coaching his/her players by any means or method, or harassment of opponents/players/referees/staff). Failure to adhere to this rule will result an immediate ejection from the tournament for the coach.

SPECTATORS: All spectators are to be on the opposite side of the field from the Team Benches. In the spirit of sportsmanship, we ask spectators to be on the same half as their team and MIRROR their team. Do not change ends at half-time. Do not mix in with the spectators of the opposing team. Each team is to remain on their half of midfield.

SUSPENDED AND TERMINATED GAMES: If in the opinion of the referee a game must be suspended (for reason), the game may be resumed, but is subject to being ended not less than five (5) prior to the scheduled start of the next game. If in the opinion of the referee, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench coaches, or spectators, the offending team could be suspended from further play and will forfeit that game and all remaining games. All previous points earned remain as played. Additionally, the home league and State Association will be contacted as appropriate.

INJURY: Delays of the game due to injury will result in appropriate time being added to the full game time, based on the judgment of the referee. However, all preliminary games will be terminated not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game.

TOURNAMENT COMPETITION REFEREE DECISIONS: The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final. The referee may only change a decision on realizing that it is incorrect or, at his/her discretion, on the advice of an assistant referee, provided that he/she has not restarted play.

FORFEITS AND BYES: All teams who forfeit will have the game(s) scored a 0-1 loss. The winner will be awarded eight tournament points (six for the win, one for a goal and one for a shutout). Teams failing to report ready to play within five minutes of the scheduled kick off time will forfeit. Home Teams unable to supply alternate jerseys will forfeit. Teams failing to check in at the Mandatory Registration will forfeit. Teams taking actions which cause a game to be terminated will forfeit. Byes will be scored and tournament points awarded the same as a forfeit.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In the event of inclement weather, matches may be shortened or cancelled at the Tournament Committee’s discretion. If all assigned games are unable to be played, the winner may be decided by FIFA penalty kicks, or by the Tournament Committee if FIFA penalty kicks cannot be taken. A reduced/modified schedule due to inclement weather is not considered a tournament cancellation. Any refunds will be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Any questions, please contact the Tournament Director Kevin McCloskey at [email protected].